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Walking The Labyrinth

walking the labyrinthLast month my partner Jason and I went to Bowen Island, BC for the day. I have a special connection to Bowen Island because about decade or so ago, as part of my Holistic Health Training our class spent many weekends there exploring a variety of wellness practices and one of them was the walking the Labyrinth at Xenia Centre.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own centre.  Labyrinths are often used as a meditation tool or to simply quiet the mind and find your inner stillness.

A labyrinth has only one path and the way in is the way out. You can walk the labyrinth as you wish and for whatever reason you want to but for me the walk is about reconnecting to my truth which can easily be lost in everyday busy living.

When I begin the walk into the labyrinth I set my intention. Sometimes I think I have reached the end of the walk only to find that I there is still more walking but the end is insight. Just like life itself sometimes you think you are done with a problem or healed some wound only to find out that there is more work to do. I remind myself that the end is close and a wonderful new path is waiting for me.

The Labyrinth is an Archetype, a divine imprint found in spiritual traditions in various forms around the world. By walking the labyrinth, we are discovering a long forgotten mystical tradition which becomes a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. The walk is a shared journey – an activity which communities can do together to coalesce and unify vision. The labyrinth is a mandala that meets our longing for a change of heart; for a change of ways in how we live together and for the energy, the vision, and the courage to become agents of transformation.
Angelyn Toth – Founder of Xenia

If you think that you have paved a path to something that you don’t want, know that you can change directions one small step at a time.


You were born to achieve, to release your inner power, to fulfill your uniqueness.
Eric Butterworth

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Activate Your Power

Activate Your Power

Recently I’ve been having a hard time sticking to my morning self-care routine. I’ve had a challenging past year with family, work and my health. This is the time I needed my self-care routine the most yet it’s the easiest time to give up.

During difficult times its easy to eat a little more, skip work outs and meditations. In moderation there is nothing wrong with any of these things however don’t abandon taking good care of yourself especially when you need it the most.

As I was preparing to my write out my morning self-care regime, for the next few weeks a flash of intuition came to me “you must activate your power”.

A stove has the power to cook food but you need to turn on the fuel. Water has the power to quench your thirst, clean your environment and enjoy a wonderful swim in the lake or ocean but all of these things require action.

You have personal power but just like Dorothy and her friends in the classic movie Wizard of Oz you must know that you have the power and you must understand how to use it.

During those times when you are feeling helpless and your life feels stuck like old gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe ask yourself what can I do right now to tune into my personal power?

Do I need a long walk in nature? Can I talk to a good friend? Do I need to seek help from a professional or spiritual advisor? Do I need a nap, meditation, protein, vegetables or a good old fashion cry?

I encourage you to tune into yourself and find ways that nurture and support you. You may not feel it at the time but the Universe loves and supports you.

Read the suggestions listed below and if your heart feels lighter when you read it then it might be worth a try.

Self-Nurturing Actions

-walk in nature

-talk to caring person

-journal your feelings

-yoga or dance

-paint, colour or any type of art

-have a cry and let things out

-hit pillows and yell

-write a letter to the Divine

-exercise of any kind

-read uplifting bookings

-watch funny movies

-eat natural wholefoods

-take a bath and go to sleep

When you tune in to yourself and ask “what do I need in this moment” and then take inspired action, you are tuning into your personal power. In every day lingo you are loving and taking good care of yourself.

The more you take good care of yourself the more you have to share and give to others.


Gina Rizzo

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life. ”

– Jean Shinoda Bolen


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Your stuff love it, use it, or release it.

The gift of letting go of clutterRelease and Rejuvenate

I have been organizing my dressers and closets since I was a child, long before organizing became a trend. I find it very therapeutic and it always gives me the feeling of a fresh start.

Your belongings are reflections of you. They contain memories, stories and take up space physically and emotionally. Over-stuffed cabinets, disorganized paperwork, mementos of past relationships, broken and missing jewelry pieces and boxes of childhood toys.

For many the idea of throwing out or donating their “stuff” is difficult. The associations with it keep the memories alive. Sometimes those memories aren’t even good ones. So why keep them?

Clutter and holding on to things can also be a sign to the universe that you don’t believe you’ll have the resources to buy or replace them if needed. Someone out there can use what you’re not using and might really need it.

Holding on to your “just in case” items that you haven’t used in years or decades can promote more lack. Excess clutter can block the energy from flowing in you. There’s literally no room for new energy to come in.

If you live or work in a cluttered environment, ask yourself what’s the payoff? That is something that only you can answer. There is nothing wrong with keeping cherished mementos but don’t let them overtake your space or have you living in the past.

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have, start with one drawer or closet per week. It doesn’t have to go all at once, but you will like the feeling of space and renewal that you want to say goodbye to those unused items.


Gina Rizzo

Deep within each of us is a longing for home. We yearn for a place of comfort where we can be ourselves,
where we can realize our dreams.
Denise Linn